Deferrel agreement for Solship Invest 3 AS

27.03.2018 08:03 am

As previously announced, Solstad Farstad ASA's independent subsidiary, Solship Invest 3 AS and its subsidiaries are in discussions with its financial creditors aiming to achieve an agreement regarding the Solship Invest 3 AS capital structure.

As part of such discussions, Solship Invest 3 AS and its subsidiaries have today entered into an agreement with its major financial creditors to postpone instalment and interest payments until 4 May 2018.

The agreement will give Solship Invest 3 AS time to continue the negotiations with its financial creditors with the purpose of achieving a long-term solution for the capital structure in Solship Invest 3 AS and its subsidiaries.  

Skudeneshavn, March 27th, 2018

Lars Peder Solstad CEO, at +47 91 31 85 85
Anders Hall Jomaas CFO, at +47 40 04 29 18

Solstad Farstad ASA

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