Disclosure of large shareholding and notification of trade in Solstad Farstad ASA

07.09.2017 15:59

As part of a generational change, Lars Peder Solstad, CEO in Solstad Farstad ASA (SOFF), and his father Johannes Solstad have entered into agreements under which Lars Peder Solstad will acquire control over a total of 21 066 965 shares in SOFF.  After closing of the agreements, expected to take place by mid September, Johannes Solstad will control no shares, whilst Lars Peder Solstad will control a total of 21 774 952 shares in SOFF, equivalent to 7,47% of the company. The shares are controlled through Soff Invest AS (18 860 075 shares), Ivan II AS (2 206 890 shares) and Vindbalen AS (707 987 shares).
Skudeneshavn, 7. September 2017

Solstad Farstad ASA 

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