Financial Report for the 2nd quarter 2017/1st Half-year 2017

30.08.2017 22:42

-The merger with Farstad Shipping and Deep Sea Supply was formally executed on June 22, 2017.

-Operating income for 2nd quarter was MNOK 711 (MNOK 719)
-Cash flow from operations (EBITDA1) for the 2nd quarter was MNOK 
202 (MNOK 328)
-Operating income for the first 6 monhts was MNOK 1.279 (MNOK 1.471)
-Cash flow from operations (EBITDA1) for the first 6 months was MNOK 
350 (MNOK 621)
-Profit and Loss accounts includes former Solstad Offshore ASA only, while the Balance Sheets includes the merged entities as per June 
30, 2017