Superior Policies

Solstad has 5 superior policies which must be displayed on each vessel/location accessible for all personnel: 

Environmental and Energy Policy

Fitness for Work Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Quality Policy

Smoking Policy


These policies shall express the Management’s commitment to strong visible leadership and encourage a culture, which conveys the development, implementation and continuous improvement of the Health, Safety and Quality Management of all employees, subcontractors and visitors to the vessel (as outlined in the SIMS).  

The Policies clearly demonstrate that HSSEQ is an integral part of the company’s business to protect their employees, contractors, suppliers and clients. This commitment is further reflected in all "Bridging documents" and demonstrates the alignment in approach between the Companies.


The policies apply to all operational sites and activities. This commitment to HSSEQ is further reinforced by the CEO being ultimately accountable for ensuring that the Policies are implemented on all levels in the organization of the Company. All personnel and contractors employed by the Company have roles and responsibilities with regard to the effective implementation and management of policies.