Management Team


Lars Peder Solstad

Chief Executive Officer
Lars Peder Solstad is the son of the founder Johannes Solstad that started the Company in 1964. Lars Peder has an extensive background from the maritime industry and began his Solstad career in 1989 and sailed as Captain by 1995. In 1997 he started onshore within Operations and has been leading the company as CEO since 2002.

He served as President of the Norwegian Shipowners Association from 2014-16.
Lars Peder Solstad is educated Master Mariner. 

Sven Stakkestad

Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Sven Stakkestad has been Deputy Managing Director since 2006. His first relation with Solstad was 1981 as financial adviser. Finance, organization and administration has since been his main responsibilities within Solstad Offshore including debt financing, listing of the company (in 1997), establishing of offices in Aberdeen and Brazil, and acting as managing director for the Singapore activity for a period. Sven Stakkestad holds a master of commerce from NHH, Bergen, Norway. 

Anders Hall Jomaas

Chief Financial Officer
Anders Hall Jomaas is the Chief Financial Officer at Solstad and held the same title from 2010 in Deep Sea Supply until the merger. He started his career with Deep Sea Supply in 2007 as a Finance Manager. In 2002 he graduated with a Masters degree within Industrial Economics from NTNU. 

Tor Inge Dale

Chief Operating Officer
Tor Inge Dale started his career in Solstad in 2008 as Environment and Development Engineer and was a keyperson in the development of Solstad Green Operations. From 2011 he held the position as Operations Department Manager and was from 2015 Project Manager for the development and implementation of a new corporate Business Collaboration System. Prior to joining Solstad he held various positions over a period of 12 years in the oil & gas industry. 

Hans Knut Skår Jr.

Executive Vice President Subsea Construction
Hans Knut Skår is the Executive Vice President for the Subsea and Renewable segment in Solstad. He started his career in Solstad in 2001 as Charterer and has also held the position as Chartering Manager and Director for Chartering & Operations. May 1st, 2015 he was promoted to Chief Commercial Officer, which held until the day of the merger with Farstad Shipping and Deep Sea Supply. Prior to joining Solstad he was a shipbroker with Hagland and an engineer with UMOE industries. 

Kenneth Lande

Executive Vice President - Global AHTS/PSV
Kenneth Lande joined Solstad Offshore in 2009 as Operations Supervisor. Since then he has held different positions as Chartering & Operations Manager, Operations Director and Renewables Director. He is educated Master Mariner and have 32 years’ experience from offshore shipping within PSV/AHTS/CSV, in different offshore and onshore positions. 

Jon Are Gummedal

Executive Vice President Aquaculture
Jon Are started his career with Deep Sea Supply in 2014 as a Technical Director before becoming the company’s CEO in 2015 until the merger June 2017 with Solstad Offshore, Farstad Shipping and Deep Sea Supply where now he holds the Executive Vice President title for our Aquaculture Segment. Before joining Deep Sea Supply he worked as Technical Director with Wilson managing more than 80 vessels. In 2000 he graduated from HiA with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.