Team up with the NOx Fund to build digital emissions infrastructure

Team up with the NOx Fund to build digital emissions infrastructure

The data analytics duo Yxney Maritime and Grieg Connect are partnering with the Norwegian NOx Fund to develop a data-driven digital solution for automated NOx emissions reporting. Solstad Offshore and ferry operator Fjord1 will participate in the pilot phase of the project.

The Norwegian NOx Fund records NOx emissions from all vessels operating in Norwegian waters and collects a fee for emissions per vessel. Calculating and reporting emissions has historically been a manual chore for shipowners, leaving a relatively large margin for error, and adding to the workload of crew and onshore staff.

The new solution,  NOxDigital, will provide a digital infrastructure for emissions reporting based on the Yxney Maress software for monitoring fleet energy consumption and Grieg Connect’s platform for high-res position data and geofencing technology. The solution automatically detects whether a vessel is operating in taxable waters. Data on energy usage and AIS data will complete the picture, displayed on a unique digital dashboard for each user. 

“With full control over fuel consumption, location, and vessel activity, we can provide a much more accurate emissions picture than with manual estimations,” says Svein Erik Isaksen, HSEQ Environmental Engineer in Solstad Offshore. “And since all the data is digitalized, reporting can be automated, which in turn will lead to higher quality and more consistency in the emission reporting.”

“The new system will also serve as a facilitating tool for helping to further reduce emissions,” says Erik Aadland in Grieg Connect. “With this platform, we are now building scalable international maritime technology that supports a sustainable future for the shipping industry.” 

“It is exciting to work with two such competent partners in the maritime-tech industry,” says Rouzbeh Rasai in the NOx Fund. “Combining sustainability and digitalization like this, creates innovative data-driven solutions, and simplifies daily work for the enterprises.”

“The diverse constellation of stakeholders involved in the partnership is a potent showcase of how the Norwegian maritime industry is innovating through collaboration to generate solutions for the future of shipping,” says Yxney CEO and co-founder Gjord Simen Sanna. “The NOx Fund is in itself an innovative Norwegian construction for market self-regulation. Combining this with the deep maritime knowledge built through the 135-year Grieg history, the data-driven sustainability focus of Yxney, and the operational excellence of segment leaders Solstad and Fjord1, makes for a partnership with unique capabilities.” 

The collaboration has received support from Innovation Norway through their Environmental Technology Program. The solution will be first rolled out to the offshore and ferry segment spring 2020, with other segments to follow suit. The next step will be to make the system available for other jurisdictions, such as regional emission regulated zones and Emission Control Areas (ECAs) around the world. For more information on the solution NOxDigital, please visit   

The NOx Fund is a cooperative effort where participating enterprises pay in accordance to quantity of emission and may apply for financial support for NOx reducing measures. The fund's primary objective is to reduce NOx emissions. Funded in 2008 when 14 business organizations and the Ministry of Climate and Environment signed an Environmental Agreement on NOx. Since its inception the Fund has reduced over 35,000 tons of NOx and paid over NOK 4 billion in NOx-reducing measures spread across approximately 1000 projects.
Yxney Maritime provides data-driven solutions for a more sustainable maritime industry. Develops the Maress software, the digital management toolkit for energy efficiency offshore, used by more than 200 advanced offshore vessels.
Grieg Connect is a fast-growing software company with more than 60 ports and terminals as clients, and 80% of ferries and high-speed vessels operating in Norway. The company is presently expanding internationally. Using the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a framework, all business areas in the Grieg Group are committed to create global solutions that will secure a sustainable future.
Solstad Offshore has more than 50 years of experience, and with 137 advanced vessels it is one of the leading providers of specialized offshore tonnage to the international energy industry. 
Fjord1 aims to be the safest and most attractive provider of environmentally friendly and reliable transport for customers, clients and partners. Fjord1 is a leading player in the Norwegian ferry market with more than 70 ferries, with operations also in passenger-boat services, catering and tourism.