Vision & Values

Our Vision

Solstad’s vision is to be a reliable world leading shipping company. Acknowledged by our people, clients and other stakeholders by delivering high quality services to the global Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy and Aquaculture markets. 


Our Values

The following values are tools create a common culture and define how we behave towards each other, clients, suppliers and people.





Safety is our main priority. 

Solstad vessels carry out operations all over the world, sometimes in extreme conditions. We recognize all employees as our most valuable asset, and we will not compromise their safety. 





We focus on quality in all parts of our services 

We shall be trusted to treat everyone fairly and with respect, and we keep our promises.

With a vast fleet and a competent organization, our clients shall trust us to perform all operations in a safe manner and with focus on quality and efficiency in all stages of our services. 




All employees in Solstad are key personnel. 

We aim not only to fulfill our client’s demands, but to deliver a service beyond their expectations.

We ensure that our personnel are under constant learning to have the right competence and knowledge required.

Our operational knowledge shall be developed in close interaction between the marine crew and the onshore organizations. 





We care about people, assets and the environment. 

Our company is global, but also local in the areas we operate. We conduct our business in a responsible manner, respecting the law and universal human rights to benefit the communities where we work.

We are aware of our environmental footprint, and take measurable steps towards a better environment with the Solstad Green Operations program.