Green Operations

Green Operations

The Solstad Green Operations campaign has been a great success thanks to the crew on our vessels that have contributed! We have now set the standard for others to follow when it comes to efficient and environmentally friendly offshore shipping!

Solstad Offshore has for a long time focused on reducing emissions of polluting gasses, and in 2009, introduced to the fleet, the system, Solstad Green Operations (SGO), which is a fuel saving system/program that will need awareness both from the client and crew and under the right conditions can save as much as 15-20% fuel during operations.

A Solstad Green Operation is a measure that saves the consumption of fuel. If a vessel manages to save minimum 500 liters (0.5 m3) of fuel per day in an environmental initiative, this is recorded as a Solstad Green Operation in the company’s environmental system.

There are many ways that ships can streamline their environmental performance, and the crew onboard focuses their efforts on already tested main categories of environmental saving. Not only is there environmental savings but there are also cost savings for the company’s customers.

Instead of just recording a fuel saving in m3, we have also energy saving in kilowatts (kW). This number together with the duration in hours from/to will give us the power saving in kWh. With approximately 0.2 kg fuel per kWh generated, the fuel saving can easily be estimated. This will automatically be calculated in the SGO report that you will receive.

The SGO  system consist of these categories:

Saving Procedures

One SGO is equal to a saving of 100 kW one day (2400 kWh a day). This saving equals about 0.5 m3 of fuel per day. All recorded savings in a reporting period will count. Not only the ones that save more than 0.5 m3 per day. However maximum 1 SGO can be earned every day per registered saving.

Examples regarding kWh SGO:

  • 1000 kW saved by reducing vessel speed for 48 hours gives: 48h x 1000kW / 2400kWh = 20 = 2 SGO
  • 1000 kW saved by reducing vessel speed for 5 hours gives: 5h x 1000kW / 2400kWh = 2.08 = 1 SGO
  • 10 kW saved for 12 hours by reducing the use of deck floodlights: 12h x 10kW/2400kwh = 0.05 SGO