Climate neutral Network

Solstad Offshore Joins the Climate Neutral Network

Solstad Offshore is extending its commitment to environmentally friendly operations, and has introduced an industry-leading environmental concept for the company’s fleet. Its concept of Climate Neutral Operations (CNO) will likely make it the world’s first shipping company to introduce the opportunity to operate climate-neutral ships.

Solstad Offshore has for a long time focused on reducing emissions of polluting gases, and last year introduced the system Solstad Offshore Green Operations (SGO). Through unique and innovative efforts on all levels of the organization, the crew uses this system to reduce the fleet’s fuel consumption by as much as 20%.

The Project Manager for SGO is the offshore shipping company’s Environmental and Development Engineer, Tor Inge Dale, and according to him it is this work which has led to the concept Climate Neutral Operations (CNO).

Saving money with climate neutrality

A green operation is a measure that reduces the consumption of fuel. If a vessel manages to save a minimum of 500 liters of fuel in an environmental initiative, this is recorded as a green operation in the company’s environmental system. There are many ways that ships can streamline their environmental performance, and the crew onboard focuses their efforts on seven main categories of environmental saving. Not only is there environmental savings but there are also cost savings for the company’s customers.

The company has extended these savings to bring the environmental work a step further.

As part of our climate neutral concept, we invite our customers to use some of the cost savings from SGO on fuel on CNO.

In practice this means that our customers will be involved at two levels of the company’s environmental work:

  • The customer is given an overview of the ship’s CO2 accounts
  • In collaboration with its customers, SolstadFarstad compensates for its emissions by investing in and supporting projects that are certified for CO2-cuts in accordance with the UN climate quotas.

CNO is a breakthrough on the road to us becoming a climate-neutral company, and because of the savings from SGO it is actually more expensive for our customers to operate a ship without environmental measures than using a climate-neutral ship. This means that climate-neutral shipping is a commercially profitable measure we can introduce together with our customers, says CEO Lars Peder Solstad.

The environmental efforts of SolstadFarstad  have also been recognized on an international level. At the Sustainable Shipping Awards 2010 in London, SolstadFarstad was nominated as one of three shipping companies for the prize Shipping Green Initiative of the Year. On Tuesday afternoon the company is also invited to talk about its environmental work to Norway’s Ambassadors, and the Norwegian Minister of Environment and International Development, Erik Solheim, said in a statement that he is impressed by the shipping company’s environmental work. He said he thinks it is great that the company has taken the initiative to add a commercial viewpoint on such an important and forward-thinking environmental concept which is ahead of both current market and regulatory requirements.