Far Sapphire

UT 732 CD

Built / Yard2008 / Langsten / Yard No. 212
Breadth Moulded22m
Draft (max)7.8m + 0.8m Skeg/Nozzle
Deadweight4583mt (d=7.8m)
Gross Register Tonnage7176
Deck Dimensions798m² (42m x 19m)
Deck Load2100mt
Deck Strength10mt/m²
Fuel Oil1378,7m³ / 8672bbls
Pot Water1098,5m³ / 6910bbls
Drill Water / WB1879m³ / 11819bbls
Mud739,4m³ / 4651bbls
Brine739,4m³ / 4651bbls
Base Oil739,4m³ / 4651bbls
Washing SystemYes Hot
Main Crane Missing information!
Deck Cranes2 x SWL 3mt@14,3m - Sliding with 2 manipulators
Main Engines4 x 4000KW + 2 x 2100KW
Total BHP27472 BHP
Catalytic ConvertersFitted
Bow Thrusters2 x 1200BHP
Stern Thrusters1 x 1632BHP
Azimuth Thrusters (Bow)1 x 2448BHP
Bollard Pull282mt
Consumption at Service Speed28m³ / 24hrs @ 12Knots
Consumption at Economy Speed19,8m³ / 24hrs @ 10Knots
Winch TypeHydraulic Triple Drum
Special Handling Winch Capacity12100m of 76mm wire or 9990m of 84mm wire or 2656m of 160mm fibre rope
Special Handling Brake (Static/Band Brake)600mt
Towing/Working Winch Brake (Static/Band Brake)675mt
Towing/Working Winch No 2 Brake (Static/Band Brake)675mt
Secondary Winch Fibre Capacity - 160mm2 x 2523 + 582m of 160mm
Rope / Reel Storage1 x 1500 m of 90mm
Chain Locker2x250m³ + 3x160m³ = 980m³
Tow Pins4 x 270 MWL - Rolls Royce
Shark Jaws2 x 800 MWL - Rolls Royce
Stern Rollers2 x 3m x Ø4,5m - MWL 750mt
Total Capacity55 Persons