Nor Valiant

Built / Yard2008 / PT Jaya Asiatic shipyard / Yard No. 865B 
Breadth Moulded20,40m 
Draft (max)5,50m + 0m Skeg/Nozzle 
Deadweight3111mt (d= m) 
Gross Register Tonnage4035 
Cargo Deck Area681m² 
Deck StrengthMain dk:Fr.#2-#62 10mt/m² 
Moonpool25m² (5m x 5m) 
Fuel Oil849m³ / 5340bbls 
Pot Water868m³ / 5460bbls 
Drill Water / WB2408m³ / 15146bbls 
Main Crane 1 x SWL 50mt@ 12m - Single fall - Not AHC - CT:N/A- Sealift:N/A - Personnel lift: N/A - placed on N/A - Wire lenght: TBCm - Wire diameter: TBCmm 
Deck Cranes1 x SWL 2,2mt@12m - Fixed with No manipulators 
Main Engines2 x 2040KW  
Total BHP5470 BHP 
Bow Thrusters2 x 805BHP 
Stern Thrusters2 x 2700BHP 
Azimuth Thrusters (Bow)1 x 1070BHP 
Crane 2Missing information! 
Consumption at Economy Speed17m³ / 24hrs @ 10Knots 
Consumption at Service Speed17m³ / 24hrs @ 10Knots 
HelideckDiameter22,2m, 9,3t Sikorsky S61N and Super Puma 
Total Accommodation120 Persons