Zero Incidents

In Solstad we know it is possible to conduct operations with zero incidents


Our responsibility

Solstad never compromise on safety. As one of our core values, safety is front of mind for all employees at all times. We have a robust safety culture onboard all vessels with the aim of delivering incident free operations.

Solstad Incident Free Operations

SIFO is about creating an organizational culture that is committed to eliminating all incidents and injuries to our workers.

In SIFO – we do not accept injuries or incidents  as “part of doing business”.

It is a way of thinking that avoids incidents and injuries by making safety the highest priority on both a personal and organizational level.

We are determined to foster  a working culture where Safety is our main priority in every-thing we do.

Health and safety

A vital part in order to understand and improve safety is to focus on preventative measures to avoid injuries and operational accidents or interruptions. In 2019, approximately 36.000 HSE reports were recorded and processed at different levels in the organization. Conclusions from analysis are used as basis for further preventative measures to avoid future incident.

Overall, the Company had three work-related lost-time injuries that provide an H-factor (number of injuries per 1 million hours worked) of 0.21 for 2019 (0.56 in 2018). The goal of no lost-time injuries is maintained for 2020, and the Company focuses on the evaluation, facilitation, planning and preventative work to avoid all kinds of personnel-related injuries and incidents with adverse effect on the environment.

To improve the pro-active attitude and continue to build a working culture where safety is a natural part of what we are doing – the company have initiated a campaign named “Solstad Incident Free Operations”. SIFO is the company’s key safety campaign.


TRCF goal 2022


LTIF goal 2022

Rolling 12 month average

Personnel Injuries

Lost Time Incident (LTI), Incident requiring injured person to stay away from his/her vessel for more than a day.
Restricted Work Case (RWC), Incident causing injured person to do other/lighter duties for a period onboard.
Medical Treatment (MT), Incident where injured person needed professional medical attention but can afterwards return to work.  

TRCF and LTIF definition

Also known as Total Recordable Case Frequency (TRCF) and Lost Time Injury Frequency (LTIF).


A 12-month rolling average total recordable case frequency per 1 million man hours. Man hours are based on a 24 hour working day.

TRCF is calculated with all work-related fatalities, lost time injuries, restricted work cases and medical treatment Injuries

In order to achieve an effective safety culture, it is essential to have the means to monitor and measure the safety performance in the company. One is monitor TRCF over last 12 months.


A 12-month rolling average lost time injuries case frequency per 1 million man hours. Man hours are based on a 24 hour working day.

LTIF is calculated with all work-related fatalities and lost time injuries.


Zero Emissions

Zero Emissions

Zero Tolerance

Zero Tolerance