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Contract Award for PSV in UK

Solstad Offshore ASA is pleased to announce that the PSV Sea Forth has been awarded a term contract with a UK Operator to support their assets in the UK North Sea, commencing April 1st, 2021.

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N. Service_sv

Company Disclosure

Contract extension for CSV Normand Commander

Solstad Offshore ASA (“Solstad”) is pleased to announce the contract extension for the CSV Normand Commander.

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Contract Awards in the Asia Pacific region

Solstad Offshore ASA (“Solstad”) has been awarded a contract with a large international contractor for the CSVs Normand Navigator, Normand Frontier and Normand Australis.

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Normand Frontier

Company Disclosure

Award of contract for three PSV’s

Solstad Offshore ASA (“Solstad”) is pleased to confirm that the PSV Normand Surfer has been awarded a long-term contract with a leading North Sea Operator.

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Company Disclosure

Frame Agreement with ExxonMobil in Brazil

Solstad Offshore ASA is pleased to announce that the company has entered into a Frame Agreement with ExxonMobil Exploração Brasil Ltda for the provision of supply vessel services supporting their exploration activities in Brazil.

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Over a decade with
sustainability awareness.

We acknowledged the climate challenge, and our contribution to it, many years ago. With the successful Solstad Green Operations program, we have a head start on many of our competitors when it comes to improving our carbon footprint.

Vision and values

Our vision is to further enhance our reputation as a reliable world-leading offshore shipping company acknowledged as a supplier of excellence by our people, clients and other stakeholders. We aim to achieve this by delivering high quality services every single day.


Solstad with a foot-print in all global regions, is following the advice given by government and health authorities during the COVID-19 pandemic in all areas of its operations.