Getting greener while sustaining ethical growth and opportunites.

Normand Jarl windmill – Jetmund Grøtting

Our priorities

Every aspect of sustainability needs attention, but some are more
relevant to us and our stakeholders than others.

Environmental, Social and Governance


Solstad assesses environmental, social and corporate governance issues in its business decisions, operation and financial reporting.

Solstad’s governance and management systems are based on the Company’s vision and values.

Please refer to our latest report for an overview of our ESG Leading Indicators.

Zero Emissions

As a major player in the offshore energy industry, we’re acutely aware of the predicaments that face us as a global society and our role in both creating and solving them. We know that the Earth is getting warmer, and we took considerable environmental measures through the Solstad Green Operations program long before it was cool.

United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals

A thorough materiality analysis has provided us with a clear direction, emphasizing the most crucial elements of what sustainability means Solstad and its stakeholders, including costumers, investors, employees and local community.

We know where we need to go, but not all the details of how to get there. It’s still important to make plans, plot a course and try to stay true to it. The materiality analysis is our way of doing that.

The results of the materiality analysis must be compiled in a manner that demonstrates what is significant both to the company and its stakeholders. In order to determine the company’s material risks and opportunities, the different topics identified should be assessed along two dimensions: “Significance to the company’s stakeholders” and “Significance for the company’s economic, social and environmental impacts”.