Safety Management

We never compromise the Health and Safety of our most valuable resources, our people


HSSEQ is a priority at Solstad

We recognize the importance of Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Quality.  At Solstad HSSEQ is the top priority and is more than just policies, it’s our commitment to our culture.

We have an obligation to provide a safe and secure working environment for all employees both on and offshore.  Our aim to achieve no harm to our people, no damage to property or the environment.


TRCF goal



Solstad Incident Free Operations

SIFO is about creating an organizational culture that is committed to eliminating all incidents and injuries to our workers.

In SIFO – we do not accept injuries or incidents  as “part of doing business”.

It is a way of thinking that avoids incidents and injuries by making safety the highest priority on both a personal and organizational level.

Our Cultural model is called SIFO ‘Solstad Incident Free Operations’ based around every individuals’ attitude towards safety of yourself and others. At Solstad we ‘Look out for each other’.


The health & wellbeing of our people is Solstad’s first priority.

We are committed to providing a safe and heathy working environment so that our workforce can return home in the same condition or better still, a more improved health status than when they entered the workplace.

To enable this to be a reality, Solstad have developed, implemented and regularly assess processes and tools to assist in identifying and appropriately managing adverse health risks to as low as reasonably practicable.

We strongly believe that a workforce that is strong and healthy, both physically and mentally is imperative to the success and continued growth of our organization.


Solstad’s never compromise on safety. As one of the core values, Safety is front of mind for all employees at all times. We have a robust safety culture onboard all vessels  with the aim of delivering incident free operations.


We are committed to keeping our people safe. Solstad provides a safe environment for all crew with a dedicated security team to ensure all threats to personnel or assets are managed. We have extensive experience working in hazardous areas where effective security management is imperative, though effective implementation of risk assessments on board security is part of day to day operations.


Solstad take our Environmental obligations and footprint seriously, we take pride in operating responsibly in all regions where local regimes are regulated. We respect the human rights obligations and ensure local communities benefit from where we work. We are constantly looking for areas in which to improve out environmental targets and use ‘Solstad Green Operations’ as the medium to achieve this.


At Solstad we take quality seriously.  We strive for operational excellence in industry by providing high quality output. Our aim is to use technology to enhance our performance and ensure transparency both on and offshore. Through using these technological platforms we can improve our routines, and demonstrate our ability to achieve the various standards we are certified to deliver.  

Implemented standards

We are ISO certified in standards 14 001, 9 001, 45 001 and 50 001. 

Solstad is also qualified with Achilles JQS and Achilles Utilities NCE, and verified with FPAL Verify empowered by Achilles.