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Our people drive our success

Our most valuable asset is not our fleet of vessels but the competence of our employees. Qualified and dedicated employees at all levels of the organisation are the reason behind our success and continuing improvement. Safety and the development of our employees’ skills form the basis of all our operations and activities.

At Solstad we believe in loyalty and 93 % of our seafarers are employed in Solstad group.

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Work in a world wide company

Solstad is a global company with more than 3 628 employees and 50 nationalities – one of the largest of its kind. With offices in eight countries we promote good collaboration between the departments offshore and onshore as each individual in our organization are equally important.

3 628

people working together




Offices world wide

Your opportunity

With offices in 7 countries and a range of roles offshore and onshore, Solstad has the scope to help you achieve your career goals. Our diversified positions enable us to offer opportunities that suits all your life situations.

In our company you get a unique opportunity to make a personal impact on your career. We are always looking for candidates – people with previous and relevant experience, as well as candidates interested in enter the shipping industry. Competence and dedication is always our main values

Safe and healthy working environment

We never compromise on safety or health. A safe and healthy working environment is a core value at Solstad. Our top priority is zero incidents and that our employees return from work safely each day. We are deeply committed to take care of the health and wellbeing of each employee.

Equal opportunities

Solstad is an equal opportunity employer, committed to providing a safe workplace promoting incident free operations within environmentally friendly and responsible work practices.

It is our 3 628 women and men with 50 nationalities who are the reason behind Solstad’ success and continuing improvement. Each individual in our organization are equally important and has the same opportunities in the company. What we see is competence and ambitions – not gender, nationality or age.

We aim to ensure our employees build a meaningful and good career in Solstad. We encourage to bring the drive and vision for their career development. This gives a unique opportunity to make a personal impact on your career, as well as giving you lifelong opportunities that suits all your life situations.

In Solstad you can go from a good career offshore to onshore, or vice versa.

Women in Solstad

The potential for adding value to our shareholders increases when our workplace is based on equality, diversity and inclusion. This is key both on our vessels and in our offices.

One of our regions that shows results of dedicated work to achieve equality is Philippines.

Solstad is committed to increase the number of female employees at all levels in the organization, both offshore and onshore.

Young in Solstad

Annually we hire apprentices, cadets and trainees across the world. This gives a unique opportunity for hands-on experience and insight into the life of a seafarer.

Why do we recruit apprentices, cadets and trainees in Solstad? Because we need good qualified seafarers trained by our competent and well experienced officers onboard our own vessels.


3 305 offshore personnel

Updated 31.08.2021

Goal to reach 10 % by 2025

323 onshore personnel

Updated 31.08.2021

Goal to reach 35 % by 2025

Competitive benefits and reward packages

In Solstad we are committed to provide a reliable and well grounded culture. We truly believe in loyalty and 93 % of our seafarers are employed in Solstad group. Wherever you are based in the world, we continuously work to ensure the best working conditions and competitive benefits. Our reward packages extend to a variety of opportunities that allow you to grow both professionally and personally.

Get to know the people that work here

From apprentice to Vessel Manager

Alexander started his career in Solstad as AB apprentice in 2004 and has recently joined our team in Ålesund as Vessel Manager. Read more about his journey in Solstad below.

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Alexander Aaramnes

Get to know the people that work here

Jill Florence

Jill started her career with us in the end of 2020 as a Commercial Officer located out of our Aberdeen officer. In the interview she share more about her road to Solstad and her experience working in male orientated industries.

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Jill Florence

Get to know the people that work here

Rikke Moe Grav

Rikke started her career with us as a cadet in 2017 and has since then become 3. engineer and are currently located onboard Normand Falnes. Read more about her experience onboard one of our PSVs.

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Rikke Moe Grav

Get to know the people that work here

Lyrah Veona L. Maxwell

Lyrah started her career with us as a HSEQ Environmental Assistant and today she is a Sustainability Assistant. Read more about her perspective on sustainability in Solstad and how this make the company even more resilient.

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Lyrah Tree planting

Get to know the people that work here

Rodrigo Fabireza dos Santos Melo

Rodrigo started his maritime career with us as a Deck cadet and today he is Captain onboard the anchor handler Far Sagaris. Read more about his perspective on the diversity in Solstad and how this further strengthen the company.

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Rodrigo Fabireza dos Santos Melo

Get to know the people that work here

Daryl Sevilleno Enriquez

Daryl from the Philippines started her maritime career in Solstad Offshore as the first Filipino female Officer. At 29 years old she grabbed the opportunity to work full time onshore and took on the dual role of Office Manager and HSEQ System Manager. Read more about why she strongly recommends women to start a career in Solstad.

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In ROV Hangar – Sentinel

Get to know the people that work here

Kjetil Vatland Olsen

Kjetil recently started in the position as Environmental Engineer. During his career in Solstad he has held several roles in the company – and experienced that the career opportunities are very good both onshore and offshore.

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Get to know the people that work here

Kjell Engdal

Kjell Engdal are the Chief Engineer on board Normand Installer currently located outside of Sao Luis in Brazil assisting with the salvage of the sunken bulk carrier Stellar Banner.
Read more about how it is to work as a Chief Engineer on board a construction vessel in Solstad.

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installer 001

Get to know the people that work here

Rushell M. Bucol

Rushell is the little brother of in total 12 siblings and were raised by his grandparents in the costal area in Mindanao, Philippines. His story started with Solstad when he meet 3rd Engineer Ian H. Tumulak at a training center. Read more about how it is to work as a Bosun Crane Operator in Solstad.

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Get to know the people that work here

Pavel Skutarenko

To start og the interview I want to highlight that I have worked as a Bosun and able seaman in several companies. There opportunities gave me the essential experience in the shipping industry.

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Positions in Solstad

A short description of various positions in our organization both offshore and onshore.



The Captain is the vessels Chief Commander and the ultimate authority on the vessel.

Chief Engineer

Head of the Engine department. The Chief Engineer is in charge of the technical operation and maintenance of the vessel.

Chief Steward

Head of catering department. In charge of managing all aspects of the catering department


Responsible for all electrician equipment on board a vessel. Work in close cooperation with the Chief Engineer. A part of the engine department.

AB Crane Operator

Operates different vessel cranes on board and carry out crane operation. A part of the deck team.


Different task related to operation on deck and maintenance. A part of the deck team.


Vessel Manager

A Vessel Manager is heading the operational team and responsible for the profit and loss for each vessel.

Crew Coordinator

The Crew Coordinator is responsible for employment of seafarers and coordination of crew changes from our offices in Manila, Odessa, Perth, Rio de Janeiro, Ålesund and Skudeneshavn.

Technical Superintendent

A Technical Superintendent is responsible for the dedicated vessels technical maintenance, drydockings and upgrades.

HSEQ Coordinator

The HSEQ coordinator ensures that we as a company act in accordance with our health, safety, environmental and quality standards, including IMS and ISO standards.


The Purchaser is responsible for the procurement of equipment including ordering, logistics and delivery to the vessels in our worldwide fleet.

Environmental Engineer

The Environmental Engineer is following up our sustainability program. Our environmental team plays an important role in our step by step process towards decarbonization.