A visit to Guyana

In 2000 a huge potential was highlighted of the Guyana Suriname Basin with an estimated reserves of more than 13,6 millin barrels of oil and 32 trillion cubic feed of gas. ExxonMobil completed its first exploration well in 2015, also known as Liza-1 where Normand Installer works onbehalf of SBM Offshore.

Normand Installer arrived at Trinidad and Tobago in May 2019. There she started to install 16 massive suction anchors projected by SBM Offshore. Due to Normand Installers huge capacities the pre installation of suction anchors including bottom chain and polyester could be pre laid using one vessel.

The Liza Destiny FPSO was rebuilt in Keppel Shipyard Singapore and the tow started late July towards Guyana as the first FPSO installation on Stabroek Basin location Offshore Guyana.
Early August Normand Drott and Far Sapphire left the North Sea to assist during the hook up of Liza Destiny in Guyana. After a crew change on the Azores both vessels went on hire end of the same month for tow assistance and accommodation service during hook up.

Liza Destiny is the first of many FPSO’s to be installed in Guyana in the upcoming years. We believe we will see more Solstad vessels in this region from all segments in our fleet.


Liza-1 Project

  • The Liza-1 development is approximately 190 kilometers offshore in water depths of 1 500 to 1 900 meters
  • Project includes floting production, storage and offloading vessel by Liza Denstiny (designed to produce up to
  • 120 000 barrels of oil per day with storage up to 1,6 million barrels
  • There are four drill centers with 17 wells in total; eight oil producing wells, six water injections and three gas reinjection wells