Barcópolis Award Ceremony 2022

Last week, Solstad achieved awards for best Chartering Company in the RSV segment and AHTS-ROV segment in Petrobras Barcópolis Ceremony.

Solstad were recently invited by Petrobras, one of our organization’s key clients, to receive an award from “Barcópolis” for our performance in 2022. “Barcópolis” is a tool used by Petrobras to classify companies and vessels in each operational segment, based on occupational safety, operability, environmental aspects, and productivity requirements.

The objective is to promote healthy competition among companies and vessels within the same segment, with a focus on reducing the risks of accidents and incidents, stimulating continuous improvement in operational performance, and increasing reliability in equipment and systems.

Considering the performance of our fleet in 2022, we achieved two outstanding positions in this event.

“These awards are the result of dedication and collaboration among all departments, and most importantly, the dedication and excellence of our crews who conduct day-to-day operations on board our vessels.”

Felipe Meira, Managing Director Brazil

Solstad were awarded 1st place as the best Chartering company in the RSV segment, represented by the vessels Normand Poseidon and Normand Flower. Additionally, we secured 1st place in the chartering ranking in the AHTS-ROV segment, represented by the vessels Normand Sagaris and Normand Statesman.