Daryl Sevilleno Enriquez

Daryl from the Philippines started her maritime career in Solstad Offshore as the first Filipino female Officer. At 29 years old she grabbed the opportunity to work full time onshore and took on the dual role of Office Manager and HSEQ System Manager. Read more about why she strongly recommends women to start a career in Solstad.

Title: Office Manager | HSEQ System Manager
Joined Solstad: 2011
Country: Philippines

When and how did your story with Solstad start?  

To give a brief history of my career, I am a recipient of the Norwegian Shipowners Association Philippines Cadet Project, class of 2010. As one of the nine ladies who qualified for the scholarship program (with a total of 83 cadets in the 14th Batch of NSA scholars in the University), I knew that I had to keep up with the academic demands. I graduated with Magna Cum Laude honors (meaning, with great distinction) in the University of Cebu – Maritime Education and Training Center. 

I started my career as a Deck Cadet on board an LNG tanker in 2008. After completing my bachelor’s degree in 2010, I intended to embark again to be trained as a Deck Officer, but I learned that my previous principal was not yet ready for the presence of Filipino female officers. Our Company, came to the rescue upon learning about this and I was absorbed in 2011 by Solstad Offshore, which was then manned by OSM Maritime Services Philippines Inc., to become their first female Filipino Dynamic Positioning Officer (DPO).

Can you explain what you currently do in your role?

I work in a dual role, as Office Manager I have the administrative responsibility of the Regional Operations Headquarters in Manila, Philippines and as an HSEQ System Manager I give support to the Company’s HSSEQ Director and provides training and assistance to offices and vessels related to the Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) Management Systems.

What do you want to highlight from career?

I completed my Deck Officer and DP Trainings with Solstad Offshore and when the Company started their own crewing agency in the Philippines in 2012, I joined Solstad Offshore Crewing Services Philippines, Inc. as HSEQ System Coordinator to help establish the processes and HSEQ management systems with guidance from the headquarters. During this period, I also gave training and support to offshore vessels and a barge operating in Asia Pacific. Two years after establishing the system in the Philippine office, I continued my sea service as a 2nd Officer and DP Operator and held the HSEQ System Coordinator in between contracts.

In 2017, I was presented with the opportunity to work as a project-based HSEQ Manager in Solstad Offshore Australia Pty. Ltd., where I held the temporary position for six months, while three of our offshore construction vessels were contracted by two major oil companies in Australia.

My short stint in Perth, Western Australia proved that regardless of age (I was only 27 then) and gender, Solstad gives equal opportunities for all when one is equipped with the right competence and attitude.

When I returned to Manila in the last quarter of 2017, I embarked on a new position, HSEQ Assistant with Solstad ROHQ Philippines, where I was involved on a big project on organization changes, due to the merger of four offshore companies (Solstad Offshore, Farstad Offshore, REM Offshore and Deep Sea Supply), considered to be the biggest shipping merger in the history of Norway. After the Company’s successful completion of the new organizational structure in early 2018, I resumed my sea service on board one of our offshore construction vessels.

At 29 years old, I grabbed the opportunity to work full time onshore as an Office Manager and HSEQ System Manager.


Shipping is traditionally a male industry but Solstad believe in equal opportunities. Would you recommend women to start a career in Solstad?

I started my maritime career in Solstad Offshore as the sole Filipino female officer and now, we already have six Filipino women Deck Officers/DPO’s to date (April 2020). After being in the Maritime industry for more than a decade, it is still apparent that there is little representation of Filipino women merchant officers both in the offshore and corporate onshore sector. This element is what drives me to continue my presence in the industry; to demonstrate that women can contribute to its growth while at the same time, maintaining excellent performance results.

Solstad’s way of working supports my personal vision of a diverse working environment. It matters that the Company supports diversity because this also encourages employees and crew members to support each other’s growth regardless of gender, age, nationality and beliefs, hence, creating a healthy and productive working environment.


 Would you recommend young people to start a career in Solstad?

I highly recommend Solstad for people who want to establish a stable career but do not know how to or where to start.

I started my career in Solstad at 20 years old. Everything was new for me, but I was surrounded by well-mannered and supportive crew mates and mentors who have commendable leadership, on board Normand Oceanic (my ship for five years).

With my onshore beginnings, I had no prior knowledge and experience on how this new territory works. But the people in our Company cultivated and gave me the support that I needed to bring me to where I am today.

Anything you want to add?

I would like to give my heartfelt gratitude to the Solstad Offshore Management, its employees and crew members. Each person I met within the Company taught me invaluable lessons that made me the person I am today. Most importantly, to my mentors of almost eight years, Mr. Jakob Høines (HSSEQ Director) and Mr. Rolando Adorable, (PHMA President and General Manager).