Further information regarding subscription rights in Solstad Newco in connection with the refinancing of Solstad Offshore

Reference is made to the stock exchange notice by Solstad Offshore ASA (“SOFF”) on 24 October 2023 with key information about the subscription rights in Solstad Newco in connection with the contemplated private placement to raise NOK 0.75 billion in new equity in Solstad NewCo (the “Private Placement”).

The Private Placement will be directed at all shareholders in SOFF, excluding Aker Capital AS, currently holding in total 63,140,794 SOFF shares.

For each SOFF share, 1 (one) subscription right will be granted, giving the right to subscribe for 1 (one) new share in Solstad Newco at a subscription price of NOK 11.8782 per new share (the “Subscription Price”).

Upon establishment of the Solstad Newco structure, and prior to the private placements to be completed in connection with the refinancing (as set out in SOFF’s stock exchange notice on 23 October 2023), Solstad NewCo will have approximately 126 281 760 shares with a total value of approximately NOK 1.5bn on the basis of the Subscription Price.

After completion of all private placements, Solstad Newco will have approximately 463,033,032 shares with a total value of NOK 5.5bn on the basis of the Subscription Price, subject to customary adjustments under the transaction agreement.

If Fausken Invest AS exercises its option to acquire 356 509 shares in SOFF from Aker Capital AS, the numbers, including the subscription price, will be adjusted accordingly. 

The subscription rights will be delivered to eligible shareholders’ VPS accounts in connection with the extraordinary shareholders’ meeting in Solstad Newco where it is resolved to approve the equity capital transactions related to the refinancing.

The subscription period shall commence as soon as customary closing conditions have been satisfied and the prospectus has been approved by the Financial Supervisory Authority and published, with the subscription period expiring two calendar weeks after the date of publication of the prospectus, which is expected to be in q1 2024.

Skudeneshavn, October 26, 2023


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Kjetil Ramstad CFO, at +47 90 75 94 89

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