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Solstad in brief

Solstad Offshore is a leading company in its segment, providing specialized offshore tonnage to all the hotspots of the offshore energy industry worldwide. Over the past decade, Solstad has taken considerable measures to lowering its carbon footprint with the hugely successful Solstad Green Operations program, standing them in good stead to remain at the forefront of specialized offshore shipping for years to come.

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3Q Report 202316.11.2023


Company Disclosure

Pareto Securities’ Energy Conference 2023 presentation  

Solstad Offshore ASA (“Solstad”) is set to present at the 30th Annual Energy Conference hosted by Pareto Securities at 14:05 CEST

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Company Disclosure

Contract awards for CSVs “Normand Baltic” and “Normand Samson”

Solstad Offshore ASA (“Solstad”) is pleased to announce the following new contract awards for two of its subsea vessels (CSV).

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Normand Samson 3

Company Disclosure

Contract extension for CSV “Normand Superior”

Solstad Offshore is pleased to announce a contract extension for the CSV “Normand Superior” with Ocean Infinity AB. The contract is now firm until 1Q 2026, with two optional years thereafter.

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Company Disclosure

Contract awards from Ocean Installer for CSV “Normand Navigator” and 5 of the company’s AHTS’s  

Solstad Offshore ASA (“Solstad”) is pleased to announce that Ocean Installer Limited (“Ocean Installer”) has awarded Solstad a contract for a project in West Africa. The project will be executed by the five large AHTS’s “Normand Drott”, “Normand Prosper”, “Normand Sapphire”, “Normand Sigma” and “Normand Sirius”. The combined contract duration is minimum 380 vessel-days and will commence in 4Q 2023.

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Company Disclosure

Presentation of the 2nd quarter 2023

Solstad Offshore ASA presented the 2nd quarter results in a webcast today, 25th of August 2023, at 09:00 CEST.  

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Company Disclosure

Financial report for the 2nd quarter 2023 

Solstad delivered the strongest quarter in the Company’s history in terms of Operating Income and EBITDA, and achieving a strong EBITDA margin at 49%.

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Company Disclosure

Invitation to webcast – presentation of second quarter 2023 results

Solstad Offshore welcomes to presentation of its 2Q 2023 report, Friday, August 25th, 2023 at 09:00 am. The presentation will be held by Lars Peder Solstad and Kjetil Ramstad.

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Company Disclosure

Contract awards in Brazil

Solstad Offshore ASA (Solstad) has been awarded two contracts from Brazilian Clients that further strengthen Solstad’s position as one of the main operators of high-end offshore vessels in Brazil.

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Normand Carioca

Company Disclosure

Sale of PSV fleet to Tidewater successfully completed

Reference is made to the announcement 7 March 2023 on the sale of the Solstad PSV fleet to Tidewater for the price of approximately $580 million.

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MS “NORMAND ARCTIC” – Yard no: 755  by: STX OSV Langsten

Company Disclosure

Sale of vessel

Solstad Rederi AS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Solstad Offshore ASA, has sold the AHTS Elang Laut 1.

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Annual Reports

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Articles of Association

Nomination Committee

Please see below guidelines of the Nomination Committee in Solstad Offshore ASA.

Contact information nomination committe:
Mr. Rune Lande Chairman of the committe, 
Phone: +47 90 12 56 98


We aim to maintain an open dialogue and serve relevant information to all of Solstad Offshore’s shareholders, potential investors, analysts and other stakeholders.

For questions or enquiries related to investments, please do not hesitate to contact us on For other enquiries, please contact one of our offices.


Bond issueTitleDocument
2016/2024Bond Restructuring Agreement – 2016Download PDF
2016/2024Amendment and Restatement – Signed Agreement 2016Download PDF
2016/2024Secured Bond Agreement – 2016Download PDF
2014/2019Nordic Trustee AgreementDownload PDF
2014/2019Solstad Offshore ASA – Registration DocumentDownload PDF
2014/2019Solstad Offshore ASA – Securities NoteDownload PDF

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance in Solstad Offshore ASA is based on the Norwegian Code of Practice for Corporate Governance of 17th October 2018 (the Code). The Company is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (OSEBX) and is subject to Norwegian corporate, accounting, exchange listing and securities trading legislation.

Corporate Social Responsibility

By profitable and responsible operations our company shall create positive financial, environmental and social effects.

We shall run our company in accordance with current laws and regulations as well as good business practice. We shall show respect for people, employees and their rights, and establish good procedures and standards in our HSE work. 

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