International Women’s Day!

Wishing everyone a Happy International Women’s Day!

Today, and every day, we celebrate the incredible women who are part of Solstad, and here are some of them, who inspire us daily.

At Solstad, equal opportunity is not only a policy, it’s our priority and we are committed to increase the number of female employees at every level in our organization, both offshore and onshore. We believe that the potential for adding value to our shareholders is enhanced when our workplace embodies equality, diversity, and inclusion.

Today, and every day, we celebrate the incredible women who are part of Solstad, and here are some of them, who inspire us daily.

Shella Mae Delica and Christine Tabinas are 2.Officers/Dynamic Positioning Officers aboard the Normand Samson and Normand Fortress, respectively. Both have worked in the company for several years and worked their way up from Deck Cadets to 2.Officers.


‘Throughout the years, I’ve learnt that true inspiration comes from the individuals I work with. They’ve instilled valuable lessons in me, personally and as a team. They added challenge and fulfillment to my career at sea.’

Shella Mae Delica.

As Second Officers, they ensure the safe navigation of our vessels and operate and maintain the Dynamic Positioning System, which is critical for maintaining the vessel’s position and stability during offshore operations.


‘I am grateful to be part of a company that supports women in the maritime industry, promotes gender equality and inspire others to pursue career in this traditionally male dominated field.’

Christine Tabinas

Caren Otero, our Chief Cook on the Normand Mermaid, is entrusted with preparing meals for the entire crew. Her dedication ensures that everyone enjoys high-quality meals while away from home.


‘Working in the galley is a though job, you need to be strong, well-determined and have more patience and perseverance to handle difficulties. I am very proud to work with the fabulous crew onboard’.

Caren Otero

With Safety as one of our core values, it is important for us to ensure that all of our employees have a safe working environment and receive good care in case of need. Onboard Normand Samson we are proud to have Medic Marilou Molina providing pre-hospital emergency and nursing care in cases of sickness or injury.


‘I am honored to be a part of Solstad. It’s refreshing to work for a company that cares about its employees‘.

Marilou Molina

Susanne Core and Luana Terra are both Chief Officers onboard our vessels in Brazil. Normand Sagaris and Normand Carioca, respectively.

For me, working in Solstad has always been a dream. I had the opportunity to work with the best professionals and learn about complex anchor handling operations. The working environment in Solstad is the best it can be. I have always been very well respected and valued, here we are all equal as professionals who seek to deliver our best every day. My goal for the coming years is to continue developing my skills and one day be able to be a Master on a vessel of Solstad fleet.

Susane Core

Both has been in our company for many years, and worked their way from trainees to leader position as Chief Officers onboard, having the responsibility, among others, of being the Master’s deputy and managing the deck department.


‘I’ve faced many challenges trying to earn my space in this industry. As woman, we must be twice better than anyone; we have to consistently be one step ahead. The path did not always present itself as a smooth sea; we have to be resilient in order to keep moving forward for reaching our goals.’

Luana Terra

In Norway, Karina Kolbeinsen’s started her career in Solstad following two years of offshore experience in other companies, and completing a Master’s degree in demanding maritime operations. She joined Solstad in 2019 and quickly became an integral part of our purchasing department. Recently, she has been instrumental in supporting the technical department during the dry dockings of the Normand Ocean, Normand Jarstein, and Normand Vision.


Staying onboard during the yard stays and working closely with our seafarers and the docking operations has been an enriching experience.

Karina Korlbeinsen