Karanba – A story of success

Karanba is a social project in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, that has football as an instrument to help children and young people from slum areas to achieve personal development and education.

The project was founded by former professional football player Tommy Nilsen and has since its foundation helped numerous of children and teenagers by gathering and engaging people in a difficult everyday life strongly affected by crime and drug trafficking.

We in Solstad are proud to support such a good and important project not only economically but also with opportunities!


Through the Karanba project Jenderson Alves had the opportunity to take a course on the Brazilian Merchant Marine which he completed as first in his class of 33 students.

‘The happiest memory I have of those days was seeing my mother crying and thanking Tommy for all he had done for my family and friends!’

Jenderson Alves

In 2023 Jenderson will complete 10 years of working onboard and we are happy to have him as one of our crew members on our CSV vessel Normand Flower!


‘Today my friends and I are examples for those who want to make their dreams come true. With a lot of dedication, commitment and most importantly, opportunities.

I joined the project at the age of 15, today I am 31 and I have built a beautiful family. I have 2 children and I thank the Karanba project for enabling me to give my family a decent life.
Thank you to everyone who was a part of my story. Initiatives like this change the lives of young people, open new horizons and show us that it is possible to dream!’.

Jenderson Alves