Kjell Engdal

Kjell Engdal are the Chief Engineer on board Normand Installer currently located outside of Sao Luis in Brazil assisting with the salvage of the sunken bulk carrier Stellar Banner.
Read more about how it is to work as a Chief Engineer on board a construction vessel in Solstad.

Title: Chief Engineer
Joined Solstad: 2008
Country: Norway

What is your background?

I took all my maritime education in Kristiansund, and after that ​I started as an motorman apprentice in Olympic Shipping. 

When and how did your story with Solstad start?  

Started as an engine cadet on board the old Normand Tonjer in April 2005 after I was finished with my technical college. There I was for one year and got my 3rd engineer certificate before transferring to Normand Progress. Sailed onboard for 4 years as 3rd engineer and 2nd engineer and joined Normand Installer in 2010 as a 2nd engineer. After that I sailed as 2nd engineer for 2 years until I was promoted to chief engineer in 2012. And I have stayed here since 🙂

How do you perceive career opportunities in the Company?

The career opportunities in Solstad is good in my eyes. I have enjoyed all the positions I have had on the few vessels I have sailed on, and I have been lucky to get promotions quite fast as I have gotten the different certificates.

Of course I started my career just in the right years when the industry was booming, the company was expanding, and there was a lot of movement of personnel that made promotions easier. But in my eyes if you work hard, and do a good job every day, then your opportunities to advance in Solstad will come. 

What do you want to highlight from your current position?

​The highlight of being chief engineer on Normand Installer is not only one thing. For the first, this contract we have with SBM Offshore, have us work all over the world. We have been in the North Sea, Asia, Africa, Mediterranean Sea, Caribbean , Brazil etc. I definitely prefer the warmer areas 🙂 Then it is the vessel itself, Installer is now soon 14 years old but it is still one of a kind construction vessel in the world in regards to all the different equipment we have, and all the different tasks we can perform. The vessel is still well maintained by a good crew, and we always get good feedback from clients in regards to the standard of the vessel. Then it is a privilege to be a chief engineer.  

And last, but not least, it is the working environment and colleagues on my shift on board the Installer, we have been lucky to have a quite steady crew for many years and this does wonders to the working environment I think.

In Solstad we now have 49 nationalities and we encourage diversity. Can you relate to a situation where diversity has improved the results in your daily work?

I can not point on one thing in regards to if this has improved the results in my daily work. Actually I do not think so much about that we are from different countries. Here you are one of the team even if you are Norwegian, Filipino, Malaysian or Swedish. I have the same expectations from everybody no matter which country they come from. Everybody needs to pull in the same direction. Then this will be an good place to work and a vessel that Solstads customers will be satisfied with, and would like to charter again.

Shipping is traditionally a male industry but Solstad believe in equal opportunities. Would you recommend women to start a career in Solstad?

​I have worked with both female engineers and deck officers on board here and It has always worked out good. Here everybody is treated the same male or female so I can not say that I find it much different. We have the same demands and expectations work vise to a male or a female. So If you do a good job and work hard, all have the same opportunities to get a good career on board one of Solstads vessels I mean.

Would you recommend young people to start a career in Solstad?

​I would definitely would recommend young people who would like to have a career at sea to try Solstad. Here you will have the chance to work on some of the most advanced, newest and sophisticated offshore vessels in the world. Learn from experienced sailors, and you can have the opportunity to see foreign places that not many people will see in their lifetime. All this must be a dream to young people who wants to start a maritime career.