New five years contract for PSV Normand Falnes

Solstad Offshore ASA is pleased to announce that TotalEnergies UK and Solstad Offshore have entered into a long-term contract for the PSV Normand Falnes.

The contract, which will be for five years firm plus options, is one of the first long-term contracts awarded in the UK North Sea for a battery-hybrid installed PSV. The vessel will be utilized by TotalEnergies UK to support their UK North Sea assets and the contract will commence during November 2022.

We are pleased to have entered into this long-term contract with TotalEnergies UK and especially introducing battery-hybrid solutions to the UK-market to reduce fuel consumption and emissions” says Kenneth Lande, EVP – Head of Global AHTS & PSV Segment of Solstad Offshore.

Skudeneshavn, October 19th, 2022

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