Pavel Skutarenko

To start og the interview I want to highlight that I have worked as a Bosun and able seaman in several companies. There opportunities gave me the essential experience in the shipping industry.

Title: Able Seaman
Joined Solstad: 2016
Country: Ukraine

What is your background?

So, I have worked and still work as a seaman. I adore my job and all that is connected to it.  Cannot image myself without working and staying in touch with my colleagues. My career started with McDermott before joining Resolve Marine Group, Nibulon and Deep Sea supply. In the end my soul stopped with Solstad.

Can you explain what your currently do?

Yes, of course, I can. Currently, my position is an able seaman. My position is to carry out major operations that concern with my job such as maintenance of vessel and equipment, mooring’s operations, cargo’s operations, housekeeping duties, carry out a watch duty on the gangway, repairs, painting, сhip rust and so on

How do you perceive career opportunities in the Company?

Of course, I’m a hardworking person and I see my progress in this company in the future. Working for me is a chance to improve my skills and I use the opportunity to reach my goals.

What do you want to highlight from your current position?

My work is very interesting to me in a way that I can be part of a great team while find new friends.  I like to work, have a positive influence on my fellow coworkers and teaching others.

Can you relate to a situation where diversity has proved the results in your daily work?

Needless to say, of course, my English has improved thanks to working with different nationalities and our work language being English. Everyday we learn to perfect our tasks and that is done through working together and understanding different cultures within the company.

Would you recommend young people to start a career in Solstad?

Yes, of course. If somebody asks where the best place for a career is I will answer Solstad.