SMART Award to Normand Subsea

Normand Subsea has been awarded a SMART award from Subsea 7 for the contribution and ownership that they took on the 2019 Normand Subsea HSE Engagement Plan. The Normand Subsea team were recognized for a SMART award due to the collaborative contribution of the team on-board (i-Tech 7 & Solstad) to the 2019 HSE Engagement Plan and determination of the team to ensure that the Normand Subsea is a safe worksite that we can all be proud of.

Following two incidents in April 2019 an HSE Engagement Plan was implemented to support the worksite. The HSE Engagement Plan ran from April to December 2019 and assessed all proposals put forward by the offshore team to help decide whether they should be implemented.

Participation was seen across all areas of the vessel with contribution from Marine, Deck, Tower, ROV and Project as well as from the OMT. By the date of completion of the HSE Engagement Plan 37 proposals had been received. Of these 37 proposals, 36 were implemented and one resulted in a methodology change. The high number of suggestions coupled with the fact that 36 of these proposals were implemented demonstrates not only the quality of the contributions, but the dedication of the team.

The entire team onboard Normand Subsea contributed to provide solutions that have helped make improvements across the worksite and worked together to support implementing changes in the most efficient way possible. These new measures will improve the safety and well being of our crew, benefiting the BP SCIRM project and i-Tech-7.