Successful restructuring on multiple fronts

On May 8th of this year, we reported to the market that Solstad Offshore ASA, its creditors and industrial shareholders have come to an agreement in the financial restructuring process of the group. We are pleased to announce that the restructuring – a significant milestone which means that Solstad will continue to operate in a controlled manner, with predictability for employees, clients and other stakeholders – is now complete.

Late last year, in parallel with our publicly known financial restructuring and in anticipation of a successful completion, we also embarked on a journey to restructure the way we communicate as a company. The goal was to become more open and accessible to interested parties all over the world, by way of moving relevant information from technical internal documents to visually pleasing public records. We also wanted to showcase our highly skilled employees, our modern and capable fleet and the culture of forward thinking that has led to programs such as Solstad Green Operations and Solstad Incident Free Operations.

This new website is the result of that work. I hope you like it and that you find what you are looking for. Websites are living documents and solstad.com will continue to grow.

Lars Peder Solstad