Solstad Incident Free Operations

SIFO is about creating an organizational culture that is committed to eliminating all incidents and injuries to our workers.

SIFO pyramid

SIFO is challenging the traditional approach to safety

Approximately 80% of all accidents are directly attributable to the person involved in the incident. In fact, unsafe work behavior causes four times as many accidents as unsafe work conditions.

In SIFO we focus on the safety mindset of our people and eliminating unsafe or at risk behaviors.

This in combination with correcting unsafe conditions  we cut the potential for an incident to occur.

By eliminating Unsafe or At risk behavior we can become incident free!

4 guiding principles

  1. Looking Out for Each Other
  2. Understanding & actively managing the risks in every task
  3. Choosing to follow the safety rules and procedures
  4. Speaking Up and stopping the job when we see something unsafe

We encourage all our person to live by these principles and apply them in every task that we do

In Solstad we all accept that we are responsible for our own safety.

We will actively approach others about working safely, take action in case of unsafe operations and stop the work, accept feedback about our safety behavior regardless of rank and position and we will report all incidents including near misses to inform others and build upon lessons learned.

In this journey we will strive to achieve an Incident Free Operational Environment.