Normand Sagaris

  • 754m2
  • 230mt
  • ROV
Owner Group Solstad Maritime
Built 2009
LOA 87.4m
Breadth 21m
Yard Langstein
Main Class OILREC, 100, A, 1, AHTS, Oil Recovery, WDL(+), *IWS, RD(Relative Density, Ice Class 1E, LMC, UMS, DP(AA), NAV1, IBS, CAC3
Bollard Pull 230mt
Deadweight 3912mt
Deck Cranes 2 x SWL 3 / 5mt@14,3 / 10m - Sliding with 2 manipulators
Consumption at Service Speed 22,8tm³ / 24hrs @ 12Knots
Consumption at Economy Speed 16,5tm³ / 24hrs @ 10Knots
Consumption at Max Speed 79,9tm³ / 24hrs @ 17Knots
Consumption at Stand By 5,6tm³ / 24hrs
Consumption at DP 8/15m³ / 24hrs
Consumption in Port 2,5m³ / 24hrs
Consumption at Anchorhandling 24m³ / 24hrs
Consumption at Towing 56,3m³ / 24hrs @ 80% Load
Aux Engine 4 x 2100KW
Emergency Generator 1 x 200KW
Shaft Generator 2 x 5000kVA, 575-690V
Main Propellers 2 x 4500(DM) + 6000( DE)KW, Controllable Pitch
Rudders 2 x High Lift
Special Handling Brake (Static/Band Brake) 625mt
Towing/Working Winch Brake (Static/Band Brake) 625mt
Gypsies 2 x 76mm, 1 x 84mm, 2 x 105mm, 2 x 114mm, 2 x 120mm
Chain Locker 2x160m³ + 2x172m³ = 664m³
Gypsies Changing System Available
Centring Device For Shark Jaws 4 x 2,5-14mt
Pennant Winder 200m x 76mm
Spooling Sheave for Towing Pins ID1300mm , OD2225mm
Shark Jaws Insert 70mm - 165mm
FiFi 1
Secondary Winch Number of Drums 1 Drums
Secondary Winch Brake 210mt
Secondary Winch - Drum Dimension Ø1500mm/Ø5200mm x 4900mm + 1100mm
Secondary Winch Fibre Capacity - 160mm 2 x 4088 + 865m of 160mm
Secondary Winch Fibre Capacity - 203mm 2 x 2440 + 508m of 203mm
Secondary Winch Fibre Capacity - 230mm 2 x 1955 + 402m of 230mm
Total Capacity 40 Persons
Cabins 12 x 1 Person, 14 x 2 Persons, 0 x 3 Persons, 0 x 4 Persons, 0 x 6 Persons
Lounges 4 Lounges
Gymnasium Available
Conference Room 1 Conference Rooms
Hospital 1 Hospital
Offices 2 Offices
ROV Control Room 1 ROV Control Room
Survey Room Available/dedicated space on bridge Survey Rooms
Oil Recovery Fitted
ROV Launch and Recovery System Fitted from ODIM
Bow Thrusters 1 x 2040BHP
Stern Thrusters 2 x 1632BHP
Azimuth Thrusters (Bow) 1 x 2448BHP
Electric Propulsion Motors (PTI) 2 x 3000KW
Discharge Stations Midship St.b, Midsship Port, Aft St.b, Aft Port
FiFi Capacity 2 x FI-Fi 1 capacitym³/h
Anchor Recovery Frame - ARF Height 6,3m x Ø 1,7 x Length 7m x MWL 200mt
Oil Recovery 1372m³ 9 tanks
Net Register Tonnage 1832
Depth Moulded 9.3m
Gross Register Tonnage 6107
Crash Barrier Height 3,2m
Work Wires available onboard 1 x 1750 m + 750 m ( 90 mm ) + 1200 m ( 84 mm )m of 90 / 84 mm
Tugger Winch AHTS 1 of 19mt x 2300m of 84mm + 1 of 24mt x 496m of 84mm
Towing/Working Winch - Forerunner 1750 m + 750 mm of 90mm
Towing/Working Winch No 2 - Forerunner 2500m of 90mm
ROV Hangar Starboard side
Towing/Working Winch Pull/Speed - Low Speed First layer 465mt -28m/min , Mid layer 334mt -39m/min , Last layer 260mt -51m/min
UREA 88m³ / 554bbls
Special Handling Winch - Forerunner 550m of 90mm
Pop Up Pins 2 x 220 MWL of Rolls Royce
Glycol 429m³ / 2698bbls
Smit Bracket 250mt MWL
Towing/Working Winch No 2 Pull/Speed - Low Speed First layer 465mt -28m/min , Mid layer 334mt -39m/min , Last layer 260mt -51m/min
Catalytic Converters Fitted
ROV system 1 WROV
ROV service provider Oceaneering
Agitator 7 off
Classification Society DNV GL
Total BHP 23664 BHP

Company Disclosure

Contract extensions in Brazil

Solstad Offshore ASA is pleased to announce several contract extensions in Brazil with Equinor and Total.

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Company Disclosure

Contract award for two AHTS’s in Brazil

Solstad Offshore ASA is pleased to announce that the AHTS’s Far Sagaris and Far Statesman, have been awarded a contract with Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. (“Petrobras”) for a period of 3 years firm to support Petrobras’ exploration and production activities on the Brazilian continental shelf.

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Normand Scorpion_sv

Company Disclosure

New contract in Brazil

14.08.2019 09:32:34 am

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Company Disclosure

Multiple contracts awarded

08.02.2019, 08:55:01 am

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Company Disclosure

Contracts in Brazil

Solstad Offshore has entered into a contract for the CSV ”Normand Pioneer” (1999, CSV, 286t BP) with “Queiroz Galvão Exploração e Produção S.A in Brazil. The contract has a duration of two years firm and in addition charterer holds two yearly options.

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