Normand Scorpion

  • 760m2
  • 251mt
  • ROV
Built 2009
Design UT 731 CD
Flag NIS
LOA 87.4m
Breadth Moulded 21m
Yard Langsten
Main Class +1A1, SF, E0, DK(+), HL(2,8), COMF-V(3), NAUT OSV(A), TMON, BIS, Tug, Fire Fighting Ship 1 with water spray
Classification Society DNV GL
Dynamic Positioning DP 2 from Rolls Royce
Accommodation 40 Persons
Bollard Pull 251mt
Deck Dimensions 754,72m² (42,4m x 17,8m)
Deck Load 1450mt
Deck Strength 12mt/m²
Draft (max) 7.8m + 1m Skeg/Nozzle
Drill Water / WB 2466,4m³ / 15514bbls
Fuel Oil 1075,7m³ / 6766bbls
Deadweight 3934mt (d=7.765m)
Total BHP 24143 BHP
Special Handling Brake (Static/Band Brake) 625mt
Towing/Working Winch Brake (Static/Band Brake) 625mt
Towing/Working Winch No 2 Brake (Static/Band Brake) 625mt
Chain Locker 2x159m³ + 2x170m³ = 658m³
Gypsies 2 x 76mm, 2 x 84mm, 1 x 114mm, 2 x 120mm
Shark Jaws 3 x 800 MWL - Rolls Royce
Shark Jaws Insert 70mm - 165mm
Tow Pins 4 x 250 MWL - Rolls Royce
Smit Bracket 250mt MWL
Secondary Winch Number of Drums 2 Drums
Secondary Winch Brake 260mt
Secondary Winch Max Weight 200mt
Pot Water 898m³ / 5648bbls
ROV Control Room 1 ROV Control Room
ROV Hangar Starboard side
ROV system 1 WROV

Company Disclosure

AHTS contracts awarded by INPEX

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Normand Scorpion