Zero Tolerance

on criminal and unethical behaviour.


Our responsibility

In Solstad we conduct business to the highest ethical standards in line with our code of conduct and company values. We have a zero-tolerance approach for any forms of bribery, corruption and other criminal or unethical behavior.

The worlds greatest democracies face major challenges in addressing corruption, crime and human rights violations for everyone at home. That is why we raise awareness in our organization about the realities of violence and the importance of peaceful and just societies by keeping a zero tolerance towards bribery, corruption and other criminal and unethical behavior.


Corruption are a serious risk and we believe it is important to be aware that corruption can happen anywhere, and that we need to be conscious of potential dilemmas and grey areas such as conflict of interest, relationships with business partners and gifts and hospitality. We have not had any corruption cases, and our goal is to prevent from this to happen in the future as well.


To ensure openness, transparency and accountability, the internal policy in our Management system has recently been updated to describe how Solstad commit to the fair treatment of whistleblowers who disclose information which is deemed illegal or unethical. Additionally, an onboard and an ashore process has been implemented describing how employees can report unethical conduct.  


Zero Emissions

Zero Emissions

Zero Incidents

Zero Incidents