Normand Subsea

  • 705m2
  • 150mt
  • 90
Built 2009
Design VS 4710
Flag NIS
LOA 113m
Breadth Moulded 24m
Cargo Deck Area 705m²
Accommodation 90 Persons (42 x 1 Person, 24 x 2 Persons)
Yard Palmer Johnson Norway / Yard No. 190
Main Class +1A1, SF, E0, DK(+), COMF-V(2)C(2), CLEAN DESIGN, DYNPOS-AUTR, NAUT OSV(A), ICE-C, DEICE, CRANE, HELDK-SH, Offshore Well Stimulation Ship
Dynamic Positioning DP 2 from Kongsberg
Deadweight 5158mt
ROV system 2 obs ROVs, 2 obs ROV in moonpool, 2 WROVs
Main Crane 1 x SWL 140mt@ 30m - Single fall - AHC


SMART Award to Normand Subsea

Normand Subsea has been awarded a SMART award from Subsea 7 for the contribution and ownership that they took on the 2019 Normand Subsea HSE Engagement Plan. The Normand Subsea team were recognized for a SMART award due to the collaborative contribution of the team on-board (i-Tech 7 & Solstad) to the 2019 HSE Engagement Plan and determination of the team to ensure that the Normand Subsea is a safe worksite that we can all be proud of.

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Company Disclosure

Long term contract extension for CSV Normand Subsea

27.02.2019, 03:10:16 pm

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