Normand Sapphire

  • 798m2
  • 272mt
  • ROV
Built 2008
Design UT 732 CD
Flag NOR
LOA 92.7m
Breadth Moulded 22m
Yard Langsten
Main Class +1A1, SF, E0, DK(+), Tug, Supply Vessel, COMF-V(3)C(3), Clean Design, Dynpos-AUTR, NAUT OSV(A), Ice-C, TMON, BIS
Classification Society DNV GL
Dynamic Positioning DP 2 from Kongsberg
Accommodation 55 Persons
Bollard Pull 282mt
Deck Dimensions 798m² (42m x 19m)
Deck Load 2100mt
Deck Strength 10mt/m²
Draft (max) 7.8m + 0.8m Skeg/Nozzle
Drill Water / WB 1879m³ / 11819bbls
Fuel Oil 1378,7m³ / 8672bbls
Deadweight 4583mt (d=7.8m)
Total BHP 27472 BHP
Special Handling Brake (Static/Band Brake) 600mt
Towing/Working Winch Brake (Static/Band Brake) 675mt
Towing/Working Winch No 2 Brake (Static/Band Brake) 675mt
Secondary Winch Fibre Capacity - 160mm 2 x 2523 + 582m of 160mm
Chain Locker 2x250m³ + 3x160m³ = 980m³
Gypsies 2 x 76mm, 2 x 84mm, 2 x 120mm
Shark Jaws 2 x 800 MWL - Rolls Royce
Shark Jaws Insert 70mm - 165mm
Tow Pins 4 x 270 MWL - Rolls Royce
Smit Bracket 500 Max Loadmt MWL
Secondary Winch Number of Drums 2 Drums
Secondary Winch Brake 210mt
Secondary Winch Max Weight 150mt
Pot Water 1098,5m³ / 6910bbls
ROV Control Room 1 ROV Control Room
ROV Hangar Starboard side, Port side
ROV system 1 WROV


A visit to Guyana

In 2000 a huge potential was highlighted of the Guyana Suriname Basin with an estimated reserves of more than 13,6 millin barrels of oil and 32 trillion cubic feed of gas. ExxonMobil completed its first exploration well in 2015, also known as Liza-1 where Normand Installer works onbehalf of SBM Offshore.

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